Parenting Consultation


You can expect confidential, collaborative, and personalised support adapted to your needs to enable you to draw from your inherent resources and skills to manage the problem confronting you and your child. Your self-efficacy, parental expertise, and full ability to interact with your child will be activated.

Seeking a consultation with a qualified child psychotherapist can assist you to explore and make sense of your child’s feelings and behaviour. Child psychotherapists specialise early in their training on children’s behavioural, emotional, social and psychological difficulties. As such they have considerable experience of a wide variety of childhood and adolescent presentations.

Through this consultation and in conversation with a child psychotherapist, you will have the opportunity to reflect and process your concerns for your child. In doing so you will gain valuable insights and a new perspective into the problem you and your child are experiencing.

By the end of the consultation, you will have a better understanding of whether your child’s behaviour is just a phase or points to an underlying trauma or mental health problem. You will leave the consultation with a next step forward formulated collaboratively with you.

You will also leave the consultation with therapeutic strategies adapted to you and your child which you can easily implement at home to help you both cope with the trials you are going through.


The consultation lasts 90 minutes in virtual mode accessible from the comfort of your home or at your workplace. Research shows that with the technologies at our disposal, virtual therapeutic consultations are as effective as those carried out in person.

A single consultation might be sufficient to help you identify how best to approach and manage the difficulty you and your child are facing. However, you can book a follow-up consultation at your discretion.  

Parenting is not easy under any circumstances. If you are concerned about your child’s troubled behaviour and would like to talk with a highly experienced child and adolescent psychotherapist, try a one on one parenting consultation.